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Przechowywanie, przygotowywanie i podawanie niwolumabu – przeciwciała monoklonalnego anty PD-1

Storage, preparation and administration of nivolumab – anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody

Nivolumab is a human antibody directed against the PD-1 receptor (programmed cell death) (anti-PD-1) which is situated on the surface of T-lymphocytes. The PD-1 receptor is the checkpoint of the immune system. Stimulation of the PD-1 receptor by the PDL-1 receptor (PDL-1 is located on the surface of the tumor cell) results in inhibition of T cell activity. Nivolumab blocks PD-1 receptors, thus preventing their stimulation by PDL-1 receptors. As a result, T lymphocytes are still active and recognize cancer cells as foreign. Nivolumab is a drug that is highly effective in the treatment of many cancers such as melanoma and non-small cell lung cancer. This article conteins guidelines for pharmacists regarding the storage, preparation and administration of nivolumab.

Keywords: nivolumab, PD-1 receptor, PDL-1 receptor, antagonist, flat dose.

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