Mateusz Kaszuba, Agnieszka Viapiana, Marek Wesołowski

Dzika róża (Rosa canina L.) jako źródło witamin i przeciwutleniaczy w diecie człowieka

Rose hip (Rosa canina L.) as a vitamin and antioxidants source in human diet
Rose hip is a rich source of bioactive compounds for health benefits, especially vitamins and polyphenolic compounds. For this reason, the aim of the work was to give the basic information on chemical composition and biological activity of this plant. The wide range of medical application of rose hip, such as anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, anticancer and many other biological activities has also been characterized in this paper. Moreover, the application of rose hip in cosmetic industry has been mentioned.
Keywords: Rosa canina L., chemical composition, medicinal propriety.
© Farm Pol, 2019, 75(2): 97–102

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