Klaudia Kurlapska, Mirosława Rosenthal, Beata Ulewicz-Magulska, Marek Wesołowski

Dodatki do żywności i ich wpływ na zdrowie człowieka

Food additives and their influence on the human health  
The use of food additives in processed food has increased since the nineteenth century. They are added to food to preserve flavor, enhance its taste, appearance and to improve other qualities. The use of food additives in many countries is regulated by a law, for example, the current legal regulations in the European Union and Poland. For this reason, the aim of the report was to review a literature data concerning the advantages and risk resulting from using selected food additives in processed food. Hence, fat substitute, antioxidant and pH regulator, food coloring and artificial sweetener have been shown as examples.

Keywords: food additives, human health, olestra, citric acid, acetylsalicylic acid, aspartam

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