Martyna Kamieniak, Beata Ulewicz-Magulska, Marek Wesołowski

Szczawiany – substancje antyodżywcze w diecie człowieka

Szczawiany – substancje antyodżywcze w diecie człowieka

Oxalates – antinutritional components of human diet

The objective of this work was to show the basic information on oxalic acid and oxalates, which are natural antinutrients found in many plants (particularly in species of the spinach family) and plant products. After short characteristics of chemical properties of oxalic acid and its salts, the endo- and exogenous sources of oxalates for human organism were presented. Next, it was pointed out that oxalic acid influences the mineral balance in the human organism mainly due to binding of calcium, and in consequence, preventing its absorption in the body. Hence, the excessive amount of oxalates may cause several health disturbances, such as renal diseases (nephrolithiasis). Further, health hazards due to high levels of oxalates consumed in the form of popular drinks prepared from tea leaves and coffees seeds were also characterized.

Keywords: oxalic acid, oxalates, natural antinutrients, sources of oxalates, mineral balance, nephrolithiasis, tea and coffee infusions

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