Ewelina Bogdańska

Opieka farmaceutyczna nad pacjentem geriatrycznym. Nowości technologiczne ułatwiające kontrolę farmakoterapii dla pacjenta geriatrycznego

Pharmaceutical care of a geriatric patient. New technologies facilitating pharmacotheraphy control for geriatric patient

The development of pharmaceutical care in Poland is currently undergoing its peak. Numerous solutions in the field of pharmacotherapy of the patient, awareness of his treatment and taking medication, as well as building relationships with the patient are the basis for the development of the image of medicine as friendly to health professionals and patients. The geriatric patients are a special group with whom pharmacotherapy is the most problematic. A geriatric patient is understood, according to the WHO, as every patient over 60 who has at least once used the services of a geriatric doctor. Often, these patients suffer from many diseases, which treatment and control of the therapy cause many difficulties. On the market, there are many solutions that are friendly to the elderly. The medical devices industry is particularly strongly developing, introducing equipment that facilitates the measurement of commonly occurring hypertension and diabetes. The development of telecommunications also allows the introduction of numerous mobile applications, and with them - the progression in patients’ self-control - reminding about an upcoming medical visit, taking another dose of medicine or quick access to performed pressure measurements.

Keywords: geriatrics, geriatric care, pharmaceutical care, old age, pharmaceutical technology

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