Hanna Czeczot, Grażyna Cichosz

Antyoksydanty lipofilne – prozdrowotne działanie

Antyoksydanty lipofilne – prozdrowotne działanie

Lipohilic antioxidants – health benefits

Source of ingredients with antioxidant properties in the human diet are not only products of plant origin (fruit, vegetables and cereals), but also biologically active components present in dairy products, meat and fish. They are a source of lipophilic antioxidants such as: α-tocopherol, β-carotene, vitamin A, E D, K, coenzyme Q10, phospholipids. In food of animal origin are also unique ingredients such as: CLA in dairy products and beef, acid α-lipoic acid in meat and especially organ meats or ether lipids and squalene fat- soluble cold-water fish and marine mammals. Because of the lipophilic nature of antioxidants from food of animal origin are better absorbed and used in the body than antioxidants hydrophilic, derived from fruits and vegetables. Despite the fact that the lipophilic antioxidants are present in the human body in small amounts this is due to the multidirectional nature of action provide effective protection against oxidative stress. The effectiveness of their antioxidant action also stems from a high termal stability and synergisms between lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidants.

Keywords: lipophilic antioxidants, health benefits, vitamin A, D, E, K, Coenzyme Q10, CLA.

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